Price Match/Best Prices

We offer a price match guarantee if you can bring us an invoice on a *true local perfomer. 


Not only will we match it, and in many cases beat them, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


AND not only that, but we even offer extreme discounts on our concession equipment when you go with one of our performers!!!


Don't be fooled by other peoples offers and deals, if you happen to run across "Master Magicians," or "Funniest Clown," DO NOT BE FOOLED, those are self proclaimed titles that have to be earned,and can guarantee the IBM, SAM, and other affiliates did not bestow this title on anyone who is not affiliated with us, and we bring you the best, at an affordable price.




*By definition, a true performer, company or entity that can either be represented as DBA, LLC, CORP, and anything in that nature.


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