Contractual Obligation (Online Deposits)


I. Liability Terms

You the customer, by making a non refundable deposit, give your permission for Magic Emp LLC and it's contracted entertainers to work and entertain under the following conditions. You agree to accept all responsibility for all personal and real property, and persons at the event's location. Upon paying the deposit you are releasing your assigned entertainer and Magic Emp LLC from all liability and responsibility for property, persons, and pets at the event's location, before, during and after the event. As a result of this release, Magic Emp LLC and your assigned entertainer are free of any liability, and you the depositor on the credit/debit card will accept full liability and responsibility for persons and property at the location.  You agree to the terms listed on our health and safety understandings and accept the terms of liability by knowingly making an online deposit.

II. The W's

Who, What, Where, When

Prior to making deposit, all information will be documented and confirmed by the person making the deposit. The information is made available via online software sent to cell phone, e-mail or both.

-The information collected is to be used only for Magic Emp LLC, and the agreed upon signed Contracted entertainer.

-The information consists of the Following

    -Who: Person Booking and Person being Booked

    -What: The Services being booked and What The Event Will Be, and Payment Amount Required

    -Where: The Exact Location of where the services will be 

    -When: The Exact Time and date for Entertainment to start and end (Set up and break down is not included in this        time frame)

Additional Information required For Entertainer by depositor:

-A safe and nearby location for entertainer to off/on load equipment to and from event.

-Payment in form of cash or check prior to event time

-A decent work environment where entertainer is not placed in harms way

III.Health and Safety:


Face Painting

For the peace of mind of our clients everyone at Magic EMP LLC work to a strict Code of Health and Safety. 

  • All paints and products used are  EU and FDA compliant and approved for use on the skin. As with any cosmetic products , we cannot guarantee a reaction will not occur. If unsure please ask for a patch test prior to being painted


  • All artists carry their own public liability insurances.


  • We use one sponge per person.


  • Brushes are rinsed in clean water and brush bath solution between each client.


  • All equipment used is kept clean, sanitary and cleaned after each booking.


  • Artists will not paint anyone who is or appears to be, sick ( runny nose, cough  etc.) or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, rashes, infectious skin conditions or open wounds.


  • Our company policy is to paint children over the age of  3 years. Some of the products state not to be used on under threes, so we abide by the manufacturers guidelines on the face. However, our artists will use there discretion and offer something on the arm is the child would like that as an alternative .


  •  We will not paint anything we deem to be rude or offensive

Balloon Animals

  • Latex and Microfoil balloons pose no threat to humans, wildlife or the environment WHEN handled responsibly. Broken or uninflated balloons can cause harm to young child or small animalls and should be disposed of immediately. Children under the age of 7 should be under constant adult supervision while playing with latex balloons. Our latex are 100 % biodegradeable -- but should not be released. They should be disposed of in a proper trash receptacle. We do not condone the inhalation of helium.

  • If you know of any child or person with latex allergies, keep them away from balloons.

  • Entertainer will clean all messes made directly by their own doing.

  • It is not the responsibility of entertainer to supervise the guests, there fore they will twist as intended and any one getting to close to the proximity of the twisting of balloons must be properly situated by an adult of the party to ensure balloons aren't in the face and loudly pop.

  • There are dangers to children and pets if balloons or parts of balloons are swallowed. Magic Emp LLC is not responsible for ANY damage done by the Sub Contracted Services of your agreed upon and assigned entertainer.

Tarot Legal Disclaimer

Tarot is not an exact science! We strongly recommend that you and your guests do not take too seriously or literally interpretations received during a reading, nor base critical life decisions on the live readings.

  • Please use your common sense and own judgement, the readings are meant to reflect personal thought processes and projections rather than create them.

  • In our opinion, Tarot does not absolutely predict events or give absolute advice as to what actions should be taken or decisions that should make regarding current life circumstances.

  • Official Legal Statement: Magic Emp LLC makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, the information, content, materials or products included in the Tarot Readings. Magic Emp LLC will not be liable for any damages arising from use of the Tarot Reading Services. All divinatory readings and advice arising from use of the services are understood to be for entertainment purposes only.

IV. Cancellations

In order to cancel an event, we must be given at least 48 hours notice before event. Deposit is non refundable, but secured for up to one year after date of original booked event. If for any reason you cancel but do not make our company or performer aware, you are legally bound to pay for the price of performer showing up and for the agree upon agreement originally contracted. If we cancel for any reason, your deposit will be refunded to you or a replacement of performer will be provided, which ever is agreed upon first. 

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