Face Painters!!!

The reason our Face Painters in Corpus Christi are so popular is because they are so affordable and fun! This service is very limited due to its popularity (Especially in Halloween, if you intend to book last minute, we can only do our best to find an avaliable opening last minute)


Want the face painter to be a Clown or a Princess?! Tell us, it won't cost you extra!


Everyone knows a good clown paints their own face, and well, why not have that professionalism painted on your guests!? We will use non toxic paints to decorate the kids so they are in the theme of things!

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Face Painter

Maybe your event is themed, and you want a Turtle face with a Ninja mask. Well, we have that too, and we aren't talking small cheek things, we mean, the whole face will look like a mermaid, or whatever the guests want to look like (But We can do that too).

Face Painting AND
Basic Balloon Twisting!

Hey, it is an option, we offer the service for you convenience, the same person who paints your guests will also twist up some balloons for your guests!

Festival Service not offered for this option. To give you the most effective option to make sure your guests are not left waiting, we recommend hiring one of our balloon twisters and one of our face painters so that every guest can effectively feel involved!

Face Painter AND Advanced Balloon Twister

We do not offer this service due to the intricate nature of the face painting. We recommend hiring the Advanced Balloon Twister and our colorful Face Painters together to get more variety for your party

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